Lord Syruss Scaleskin

Name: Syruss Scaleskin

Species: Fox-Dragon Hybrid (tribreed of Fennec, Red Fox, and Dragon)

Gender: Male

Syruss has the body of the anthropomorphic version of the common Red Fox. Although the head is also of the red fox, the ears resemble that of the desert animal known as the Fennec Fox. A black stripe, starting just above the muzzle, runs the length of the body, over the head to the white tip of his tail. The tail, besides the stripe, resembles that of the red fox. It is the exact same length as the body and therefore does not touch the ground when he is standing.
His body is mainly covered in dark red fur, changing to a dull greyish-white on the belly. This white fur reaches as high as the underside of the muzzle.
Either side of the black stripe on his back, a row of three black spikes start below the wings. The wings are of a dragon style with a span of approximatly two metres. they are usually kept folded in against the back.
Syruss has long footpaws, black fur runs for six inches up the leg. He also has black paws with opposable thumbs. His eyes are completely black.
He has an overall height of approximately 1.8 metres, and a waist of thirty-one inches.